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Memorial Day Hangover

I enjoyed Memorial Day quite a bit. Our trip to Kings Island (formerly Paramount's Kings Island) was great. I would actually call it an achievement--we didn't overtire ourselves, and we never had a desire to strangle one another.

For the Combs clan, that's an achievement.

We got there at 6pm Friday, having checked-in to our excellent Courtyard Inn in Blue Ash and settled our stuff. A 20 minute wait for our Gold passes later, we were in the park and headed towards Nickelodeon, standing in awe of the new ride, Diamondback. As I've tweeted and Facebooked---WOW, what a ride. Beautiful, graceful curves--it's a transcendent beauty that's really themed the wrong way. The ride's not a snake at all, it's a tour de force of elegance and grace. A shark theme would have been better.

Anyway, so we settled into an alternating pattern--Joey would ride, then Maria would ride. Where we could, we rode all togeter. As the sun set, Whitney piped-up: "Harold has…

This is total crap....


Simply put, this regulation will be the end of the automobile industry (and possibly the automobile itself). They want 42mpg fleet AVERAGE? Given current regulations, the 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid gets 42mpg average. Nearly EVERY OTHER CAR on the road will underperform.

They want these regulations by 2016...understand, that's ONE GENERATION in automotive terms, given the 5-year product lifecycles the carmakers deal with. The 2011 and 2012 cars are already done and in the pipeline at this point.

Sheesh, not like the automakers had much choice. . .so they now have consumers who can't buy a car and a government that ties both hands behind their backs.

Americans won't buy cars that run on pixie farts, go 0-60 in a couple weeks, and hold 2 people. We're big people spread across a large continent who assume safe, comfortable transportation.

My prediction: The next shoe to drop is a $5/gallon tax on gasoline. That's the only way you're going to drive the meat of…

The solution...well...or not :-)

So, as anyone who's followed my blog for a year or more knows, I got motorcycle fever last spring and summer.

It all started innocently enough. I got a ride on my father in law's scooter (hey, I had the helmet already thanks to autocross, right?) It was something of a disaster--maneuvering the 600cc scooter at low speed wasn't *quite* as easy as I thought.

Long boring story later, I had full-blown fever. I took the MSF course and REALLY learned how to ride, FINE-C, the whole deal.

Then came the apodiction: "YOU WILL NOT BUY A MOTORCYCLE."

Fair enough.

Thought I had a loophole today--an ATV. Del, my carpool buddy, hatched a plan of engineering perfection. An ATV's offroad vehicle, far away from Semi's and other could-squash-you-like-a-bug stuff. Fits quite well, no?

No. They're deathtraps.

That's also a NO on Dirtbikes.

Jetski's show promise

Bizarro Dream of the weekend....

So, Sunday, I decided to do something completely out of character--I took a nap.

My wife took one look at my cranky-pants self after church and said, "You need a Nap for Jesus."

Which is a polite way of saying, "Jesus, Harold...take a nap!"

Anyway, my bizarro dream went like this:

[Interior. Lab environment. Soft lighting, muted hum of machinery]

Serge: Hello, Harold. I'm Sergey Brin. This is Larry Page. You might know us...we founded Google.

Harold: Umm....Hi.

Serge: So, we've been studying this Twitter phenomenon for quite a few years now. What do you think of Twitter?

Harold: Oh, I like it.

Larry: Hmm...interesting.

[Harold notices he's reclined on a couch, his brain wired up to some sort of halo device]


Serge: Possibly. So, Harold, tell us how your mother laughs.

Harold: What? NO!

Serge: Nevermind...this one's uninteresting. Send him back to his bed.

[White light. Fade to black]

* * *

And, then I woke up. In m…

My Day, these days.

I haven't blogged in forever...I guess it's just the omnipresence of Twitter and Facebook that have me being "unfaithful" to my blog.

Over the years, I've liked to record the way my day goes, just so I can look back and say, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

A rundown of a typical day for me:

5am -- wake up, hit snooze button
5:09 -- wake up
5:18 -> 6am -- Listen to "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" podcast while doing dishes, making coffee, eating pop-tart, reading RSS feeds (depends on the day)
6am: Get Joey up. Bring Whitney coffee
6:15 -> get in the shower
7am --> Whitney, Joey, and Maria in the van to leave for school
7:15 to ~8 carpool to work
8 - 9: relish the quiet. Get work done
9: 15 minute social time with Jim.
9:15->11: work
11 -> 15 minute stand-up meeting with my team
11:15: Lunch
1->5: work
5:35 -> arrive back home
6 to 6:30 -> DINNER
6:30 to 7:30 -> Help Joey with his homework
8: Time with Whitney
10: Bed, if I hav…