Re: Espresso

So, a colleague brought in an espresso machine, a burr grinder, and some beans.

So, now I know how to make espresso.

Brilliant Idea: I need to setup an espresso bar beside a cardiologist's office and take 10% of their profits.  My EYEBALLS ARE VIBRATING.

Instagram is Weird

So, I've left Twitter and Facebook.  I had a flirtation with Blind that I've also given-up.

Detox has been weird.  I was used to having a hardwired line into the pulse of the internet.  Between my 4 (!) twitter lists updating constantly and watching Tweetdeck incessantly, I was a straight-up information junkie.

So....what's the methadone for this heroin?


Thus far, Instagram has a much different personality than either Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter: Unvarnished snark, though blessedly brief.Facebook: ALL THE DRAMA.  Political ranting.  Divorces in progress.  Passive Aggressive, Aggressive, Martyrs.   After a week off of it, looking at it is unbearable.Google+: A nightmare that's the perfect example of why Google doesn't get human beings. At all. Then, what about Instagram?  Basically, it's a trifling place, devoid of politics.  It's default-public (like Twitter), and people seem to share just moments from their …

On Leaving Twitter and Facebook

Well, as I sit here in 2018, it seems social media is an utter failure.  Given that I've been on internet chatrooms since 1993, this frustrates me.

This was basically the moment I knew I needed to get off twitter

Don't lie and say you care about the school shooting today.

It's been 1,866 days since Sandy Hook.

Since then: 1,576 Mass Shootings, including Las Vegas.

Restate: You *may* care. WE THE PEOPLE don't. — Harold Combs (@miniharryc) January 23, 2018
Yeah, that was the school shooting after Las Vegas, but before the one in Florida.  I'd had it.

Having Tweetdeck open every waking minute I was at my desk was making me genuinely crazy.

Then, the next week, Florida happened.  I posted the same screen on Facebook, and it was the same fricking arguments we all had after Las Vegas.  Same banal polarized arguments.

I'm done.

No more twitter.
No more Facebook.

I'll keep accounts there, but I'm going dark.

Enough is enough.

Get Over It; There's Always a Date

I say this after 19 years making software:  There's always a date.  Get over it.

I've lived through the Agile Revolution, and various schemes to sell consulting named: Spiral, Rational Unified Process, eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban, and the Scaled Agile Framework.

Through it all, there's always some sort of date.  Words like:

MilestoneNeed by dateDeadlineStart of ProductionPromise DateCustomer PromiseStatement of Work Honestly, if they're not there, you should probably be worried.  Projects of significance require planning and planning requires dates.  If you haven't seen a date in quite sometime, you might want to join the rest of us getting paid oodles of money to ship features to customers who'll pay us.
Let's stipulate to one thing right now:  You may abhor this concept.  The people writing your paycheck live with both the concept of dates and the concept of missing them.   
People exist who understand resource planning to the same degree you unders…

TULIP, again. (Or, why I'll never be a Baptist in my Heart)

In sum, here's my problem:  I've joined a Baptist Church, but I'm no Baptist.

In detail it goes like this:

Baptists come from the Calvinist tradition.  You may have heard of "free will baptists."  These are not those.Calvinism is a very well reasoned Protestant doctrine based on Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion.  It further comes from the sole scrirptura tradition of the Reformation, in that it solely derives from points in the canonical scriptures, especially the New Testament.There are 5 major points to Calvinism, encapsulated in the acronym TULIP.Total DepravityUnconditional ElectionLimited AtonementIrresistible GracePersistence of the Saints When I queried the pastor, he reaffirmed he "believes in God's sovereignty," furthermore the sermon that same day had the theme that "God is the Author of History," leaning on the person of God as an omniscient and omnipotent active force in His creation.  A follow-up visit from the…


"Kentucky makes great bourbon.  And apparently, good Software Engineers."

Good stuff.

Option: Accept My Own Insignificance

Things seem....bad.

Offhand, enumerating the things that seem broken in my country right now:

Our government isn't really functioning.  The Constitutional Republican Democracy of 1787 seems like a failure at scale.We're more tribal than we've been since segregation, a process that's accelerating.We're in unending, global guerrilla war against people willing to kill themselves for an idea incompatible with our existence as a nation.We have roughly one mass shooting per day.  Yesterday, there was one in Kentucky.We've lost our ability as a society to dream of something bigger: The moon, world peace, whatever.  That seems like a 1960's fever dream at this point. What can I do about any of the above?  
I mean, I guess I can argue with people on the internet about it, for all the good that does.  

I could retain crushing anxiety about what might happen, much like when I was a kid having watched The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, convinced the world was ending.  …