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Randomness, 01/03/11

Joey and I went to TRON: Legacy 3D last night.  On the way home, he posed the following question: "Hey Harold, so what if when I was a freshman in high school, I met some girl who had hair just like Quorra, and who looked just like Quorra, and who had a TRON outfit like Quorra?"  My reply: "Turn and run the other way as fast as you can."Yes, Olivia Wilde steals every scene she's in.Oh, and the 3D wasn't worth the extra $$$.  Tron in 2D on an appropriate screen is still a beautiful film, the minimalist counterpart to the sensory overload of Cameron's Avatar.Sometimes, gravity is not your friend. Ouch.I welcome our new Verizon overlords.I love the motorcycle shots in TRON (those in the real world, on the Ducati), but I think I'd like something more comfortable in real life.