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Leaving Lexmark after 17 Years

So, I've been at Lexmark longer than:

I've been married (10 years)I've had kids (10 years)I knew what autocross was (13 years)I could swim a full lap in a pool (1 year)I've known the Java Programming Language (in all its 1.1.8 glory) (15 years)I've lived in any one place continuously (13 years) The only thing I've done longer than have the email address and the same strangely 4-digit employee ID (they recycle them) is: Breathing (37 years)Driving cars (21 years...legally) yeah, I'm leaving.
Nobody saw it coming.  We had a "Voluntary Reduction Program" in which they'd pay me to take my services elsewhere.   So I considered my options and decided to take it.
It's really not much more complex that that.  It was time to go.  Perhaps it was time long ago, but that will be a post for 1 year from April 1st.