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Wow, the interface sure has changed since the last time I posted!

Well, to catch-up a few things:

My job title is now 'Software Architect'.  This is avowed to be one of the most despised roles in all Software, since Developers resent architects' unrealistic, out-of-date ideas, and managers resent anyone besides them directing their teams.  Yay, me.I had a motorcycle residing at my house for ~1 week in late June.  This was one of the worst episodes in  my life, and rocked me to my very core.  In a true case of 'be careful what you wish for', I lied and manipulated my way to take advantage of a tragic situation (my uncle's motorcycle accident) to come by a bike that I didn't really want.  My inner King Baby came to the fore in many ways.  I hurt everybody.  The bike left a week later, and relations with my parents haven't been the same since.Joey is now a Webelos II, the last stage of Cub Scouts before becoming a Boy Scout.  We attended the di…