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When I was born, my head was almost too big to fit through the birth canal.

That explains much about me to this day.  Just sayin'.


After 2 days' exposure to corporate purchasing and approvals, it amazes me that my lights stay on.

( Yeah, I know.   Not up to my usual standards. )

Damn. Fell in Love with the wrong car.

You know how you go out looking for the right car, with a checklist and a list of requirements?  I've been doing that for the better part of two years.  I've driven every small car known to man at intervals, trying to find some reasonable personal transportation when the Camry of Doom goes kaput.

What I'm *really* looking to do is duplicate the love I had for the 1998 Impreza 2.5RS, a car with All-Wheel Drive, a sweet 5-speed manual transmission and the turn-in responses of a B13 Sentra SE-R.  I still remember the test drive I took at the now-defunct Oldhan's Subaru in Nicholasville Kentucky back in college, and whoo boy, was it FUN.  Pity I had no job at the time. :-)

Anyway, fast forward > 1 decade, and here I am.  Camry is getting lose about the....well, everything.  The Front end wobbles.  The transmission slips.  There's the every-present water leak in the trunk that's never bad enough to fix.  It smells like vomit so badly that none of the females in m…


It's been a rough few weeks, almost entirely self-inflicted.

As the Eastern KY saying goes: "Work is aggravating me to death."  Nothing about what I'm doing is hard; tedious and frustrating, sure, but not difficult.  Basically, I fight whatever fires appear, and 90% of the time these are communications issues between teams, not technical problems.  Corporations tend to self-select for people who can hide within bureaucracy, stifle their own opinions, and dumbly line-up behind meaningless mandates.  That's wearisome, to say the least.

I feel like the same passionate guy I was eight years ago.  It's just tough keeping that passion going when all it does is get you in trouble with the political animals who smell blood in the water.  If what happened Friday blows-up on me, well...I'll own my mistake and learn from it.  I did a lot of learning last week.

* * *

The grind of keeping the house clean and picking-it-up for showing is wearing on us.

There's been…