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Time is a Pretty Pony, with a Wicked Heart

So, I made some rocks for my daughters' rock ceremony last night.

The left, JOY, is for Grace (all-caps intentional) and the right Perseverance is for Maria.  Then today, I got the "memory" of the rocks last year.

That was exactly 364 days ago (Understanding == Maria, Enthusiasm == Grace).  As cliche as it sounds, it really seems like yesterday.  I'm reminded of reading the Stephen King short story My Pretty Pony.  The summary seems apt:

The man also "gives instruction" on the nature of time: how when you grow up, it begins to move faster and faster, slipping away from you in great chunks if you don't hold tightly onto it. Time is a pretty pony, with a wicked heart. Another year.  I've hardly written, despite being a much changed man from a year ago.

Last summer was our last with Joey.  As I write this, he's to graduate on Saturday,  enlisted in the Army and moving with his father to Alabama before that.  I did enjoy having him with us durin…