Memorial Day Hangover

I enjoyed Memorial Day quite a bit. Our trip to Kings Island (formerly Paramount's Kings Island) was great. I would actually call it an achievement--we didn't overtire ourselves, and we never had a desire to strangle one another.

For the Combs clan, that's an achievement.

We got there at 6pm Friday, having checked-in to our excellent Courtyard Inn in Blue Ash and settled our stuff. A 20 minute wait for our Gold passes later, we were in the park and headed towards Nickelodeon, standing in awe of the new ride, Diamondback. As I've tweeted and Facebooked---WOW, what a ride. Beautiful, graceful curves--it's a transcendent beauty that's really themed the wrong way. The ride's not a snake at all, it's a tour de force of elegance and grace. A shark theme would have been better.

Anyway, so we settled into an alternating pattern--Joey would ride, then Maria would ride. Where we could, we rode all togeter. As the sun set, Whitney piped-up: "Harold hasn't gotten to ride any rides...let's let him pick one for himeself." What a woman! I picked Diamondback initially, but then I supposed the line for the Beast (a 3 minute walk away in Rivertown) would be non-existent. I was right. Beast was nearly a walk-on.

After my ride, I got a text that Maria had fallen out of the stroller and hit her head. I sprinted down the side of Kings Island (let's be honest--a Jog. I'm fat.). First Aid confirmed--no big deal, just a scrape on her head.

We stayed until the fireworks at 10, and settled in to our hotel room at 11:15.

Saturday was great, if a little flat because of the crushing # of people at KI. We were pooped by ~3:30, so we came home. Maria collapsed and began snoring even before I got the car seat buckled.

Sunday was...well...hard. Our family has a certain tolerance for one another. We love one another deeply, but we can't stand one another after a certain point. Sunday ~9am was that point.

I'll spare you the details, but we basically shipped the kids off to my Mom on Monday morning just so we could have some peace and adult time. We went to see the new Star Trek movie at Movie Tavern. Whitney seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

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