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Is Dr. Who Done?

It's been tough to be a Whovian in the past few years.

First there was the Clara denouement, in which show-runner Steven Moffat demonstrated he cannot write for women.  Then, there was no Dr. Who in 2016, period, and we suffered through the rather uneven Series 10 and Bill the social justice warrior.  Last, we're in another break, as we wait for almost another year (October 2018) to see the first female doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

Taking a look at the Revived Era, from 2005 on, we've gotten regular installments of the Madman in the Box since 2010, especially during the Matt Smith era.  The irregularity of the Capaldi era removed the show from the cultural zeitgeist, and made it "that show we used to watch."

One could plot New Who like a fired artillery shell, with the Eccleston series 1 as the beginning, the Tennant  era as the meteoric rise, and the Matt Smith as the apex, and the Capaldi era as the fall to the target.  Truly, at times during Series 9, it felt lik…