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On why people stay at bad jobs

These walls are kind of funny. First you hate 'em, then you get used to 'em. Enough time passes, gets so you depend on them. That's institutionalized. They send you here for life, that's exactly what they take. The part that counts, anyways.

:-) Yeah, yeah...dramatic. Erik and I discussed why people stay here...We're a mediocre company ("Our goal is to be the clear #2..."), and our specific group is a study in "too many generals, not enough troops".

So, why do people stay, not just in tech, but in any industry or line of work?

* I joked, "Well, I'll soon have two reasons that need food, clothing, college funds, and orthodontics..." Lot of truth there, but I don't think that's the whole story.

* It is harder when you're the only breadwinner. People with dual incomes have a lot more "F You!" power than people who need to make mortgage and put food on the table.

* Speaking of mortgage...This is a house-own…

It's a girl!!

About 18 weeks from now (...ish), I'll be the proud father of a baby girl. Found-out yesterday.

I'm still sort of in shock; I was honestly steeling myself for the prospect of having a boy. . .the demands of being a father, of moulding a young man, Boy Scouts, etc. Joey's a joy, and I was looking forard to having another.

Still, Maria shows every sign of being a vigorous Combs gal, hopefully in line of her cousins--brunette, brilliant eyes (hope she gets her Mom's eyes!)

Oh my...:-)

Courtesy of "They Call Me Mister Jarvis!"

KCQRL tourney @ Georgetown College

So, amid the monsoon we've had today, one block over from the (possibly cancelled) Festival of the Horse, Georgetown College hosted a Quick-Recall tournament.

It was a fun day; I moderated in my old computer science room (131 in Asher Science Center) for 6 rounds. Top question of the day was:

Q: Doug Stanhope and Snoop Dogg are among the celebrity guest hosts of this video series, whose various titles include America Uncovered, Endless Spring Break, and Sexy Sorority Sweethearts. Name this video series that exchanges tshirts for flashes from young women.


Georgetown hasn't changed a bit since my graduation in 01, it seems.

From the weatherband this morning

Today's UV index forcast One is in the low category.

Ya think? Actually, I'd say outside is somewhere between Transylvania and English Moors.

On "Boundaries"

This book bothers me, but it's not book's fault. Yes, like most self-help books, it's overwritten and it restates the obvious -- you have to learn to say 'No', even if you're a Christian. This is similar to other self-help genres: You must live within your means to stay solvent, and eat less while exercising to lose weight.

It's not like these things are rocket science.

Thing is, I have boundary issues, but for a weird reason: I'm very, very selfish. For most of my life until I became a Christian, if something benefitted me or made my life easier, even if it was WRONG, I could rationalize it. This lead to me being a friendless, fat, whiny, sociopathic, self-righteous sot. Envision Comic book guy, and you'd have me, circa 14 years old:

So, as I grew up and found God, I went back the other way: Wanted to please everyone, serve everyone--do pennance for how much I'd taken from people emotionally my whole life.

Anyway, so this book....Not so mu…

[sings] Sleeptalker...I'm a sleeptalker...[sings]

All I remember of this is a foot going in my face.


More Joey quotes...

Hey, if Barbara Bush's dog can have a book, I think I could collect enough Joey quotes to fill a paperback, at least.

Joey: You guys don't have to buy me anything for Christmas...

Me (to self): Awww....

Joey: ...As long as you buy me EVERYTHING.

* * *

All quotes copyright JoeyCo, Inc. All rights reserved.


2007 Mazdaspeed3

2007 Mazdaspeed3 - The Car Connection: "They could ship it over here available only in taupe paint and genuine rust and it would still be one of the most exhilarating cars Mazda has ever sold in the United States . In the history of sport compacts, this car is an immediate icon."

Looks like the Mini Cooper 'S' finally has some competition, though it's sorta like the Corvette -v- Porsche comparison: Interesting on paper, but few people will cross-shop both brands.

I sure would, though. :)

Weekend ruminations...

Friday, I had S&S rebalance all the tires on the BMW, hopefully ending that particular lesson in trying to save a coupla bucks.
I overseeded the lawn Friday, cutting the lawn down to stubble, seeding, rolling (thanks Jeff!) and watering. My water bill this month should be interesting :-)
Saturday, Whitney and I slept-in late and went to the Spoonbread festival in Berea. Whitney was very impressed with the town. I was not very impressed with the spoonbread.

The weather's been unreal for the past few days--no humidity, highs in the 70's-80's. Hope to get a little rain on my lawn the the next few days.

Body pillow, airbag, Harold-defense mechanism

So, Whitney ordered this bizarre (yet very comfy) pillow last month. Just thought I'd post-up a pic to show the scale of the thing.

News...Joey was 'star of the week' in his class!

Joey got to be the star (or super-star, or all-star, or something), so Whitney and I helped him create this neat poster. (Okay...I helped joey paste-up everything onto the poster-board...)

Happy Anniversary!

Today, I surprised Bella with flowers and a card, and we ate the topper from our wedding cake last year. Hard to believe a full year has gone by, but it sure has -- we're established in our new church, Joey's in school, and we have another baby on the way :-)

Quoted from my household

Bella: Why are you tiptoeing through the house with your shoes on?

Me: I don't want to get the carpet dirty

Bella: So, you want to look ridiculous AND get smaller footprints on the carpet?

As the thunder rolls...SPORTS predictions!!

I'm sports-obsessed this weekend...namely because football's back!! Yep, the 22-man skirmish played out on an artificial battlefield is back, and it's great.

So, some predictions:

Eli's Giants will beat Peyton's Colts. On the Giants' home field, they're showing defense and a RUNNING GAME. Is Peyton the better QB? Yes. Does it matter? No.
Kentucky football sucks. What else is new?
Brett Favre will be benched by midseason. Home opener shutout? Yikes. Retire and let us remember your 90's glory!
The Breathitt Bobcats will have a losing season. Tough schedule and few athletes.
This will be the best year ever for the Arizona Cardinals

Enjoyable (surprise!) picnic

Friday was the annual area picnic, and for once, I had a total blast--10:30am to 4pm, including a great disc golf game, horse shoes, football, and some cool manager-sponsored games: Slingshot paintball (!) and Charlie's Left/Center/Right.

I'm sore, sunburnt and dehydrated. Loved it!

* * *

Bonus, headed to Wally-World and got my tires mounted, no waiting (!)

TypingMaster Online Test, Desktop Educational Application

TypingMaster Online Test, Desktop Educational Application

82 WPM...w00t!

Dad says he's never seen anyone type as fast as me. I told him he's seen very few typists, then.


I'm a full-time regular developer that the company flew to Switzerland. I've been onsite at a large banking firm for 3 days. Things are not going well. Our "solution" is as bad or worse than the original problem, and the $90 million PER YEAR customer is frustrated. I've provided one substantial update in three days, and have followed no reproducible baseline procedures.

What's my natural next email?

BTW, tomorrow is my last day here on official business. I'll be sightseeing Friday and Saturday.


Class warfare? Inflation?

I think this post by Delerium sums it up pretty well

I'm in the top 10%, but not by much and I DEFY you to find anyone near this point who can:

Afford to send 2 kids to a decent college
Take expensive vacations
Pay the mortgage, car loan and credit card loans
Maintain cars and house
Heat, electric for house and gas for cars
Feed the family well
Pay for your multiple insurances

and even if you budget, scrimp and save...

You are left with SQUAT!

I think we're on course to spawn another generation like Japan: Expensive land prevents owning a home, along with high living expenses preventing long-term savings (retirement, insurance). Thus, we're left with a group immune to the "but things always get better" mantra of their parents. Difference, of course, is that this gen expects things to get better.

Yeah, he'll regret this later

Yeah, I can just see pulling-out THIS picture whenever joey brings home a gal, gets married, etc.

Oldie but a goodie

LOVE this:

This mini-movie is the #1 reason I continue to lust after an E39 M5

So...why can't we get a cool Corolla in this country?

Yeah, we get a rather stodgy, jellybean corolla, and the rest of the world gets this nice, useful 4-door hatch.

Like the treatment on the grille/hood better, as well.