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Elves took over my house, cleaned, and took pictures

The listing

Yes, there's Kitchen-Aid porn in that picture.  Jealous?

Picture Day

Nothing like a deadline, I guess.

So, we've known we needed photographs of our house up on various MLS/ sites, and our realtor scheduled a photographer for today.


Yeah, lots of work had/has to be done.  We were up last night until after 1am, and back at it again this morning ~7am.  I had a Diet Mountain Dew influenced crisis of confidence at 11pm, but...uh...pushed through it.  I stuck my head in our oven.

I left at 9:15 to go to work, with Whitney still at it.

If you hear a thud followed by a snore, that's my head hitting the keyboard, asleep.

House is on the market!

So, my home sweet home is on the market.

It's been a long road getting here.  Whitney's been feeling the tug to get out of the house since before the housing crash (!), and she's been a steady force there throughout financial crises.

Anyway, so it's up.  We're supposed to be hosting a photographer Thursday, so it's been continuous clean/declutter/reclutter/clean/declutter since New Year's.  I'll give Whitney all the credit--she's got the place looking great, especially the paint, staging, and her attention to detail.

We're not after any specific place at the moment, though we have some stringent requirements.  Okay one: Must have a basement, preferably in our current area.  Given that our area is a huge limestone dome from the Orodivcian period, "basements" are few and far between.  Also, our water is hard enough to chew, but our bones (and those of our famous Kentucky Thoroughbreds) are stout from all that lime/calcium.

Proof: Sometimes, you need a Salesman

Prove: Authoritarian Decision-making is myopic
Assume: You work in a engineering-centric corporation with attendant corporate hierarchy.

Engineers believe no one is as intelligent as an engineer. (Dilbert's Razor)Engineers view non-quantifiable job skills as unimportant (Scientific Postulate)Engineers age and seek more salary, responsibility (That's life)Engineers become managers (by 3)Engineers often communicate poorly (self-evident)Persuasiveness is not quantifiable (self-evident)Charsima is not quantifiable (self-evident)Persuasiveness and Charisma are unimportant (by 2, 6, 7)New idea implementation requires persuasion (The "He who has the Gold makes the rules' axiom)Engineer managers must persuade to promote new ideas (by 4, 9)Engineer managers will be told 'No' (by 5, 10)There's no point in resubmitting the idea; all pertinent facts were included, by definition. We were told 'No' (by 2, 8, 11).Those in power will only see an idea once, no matte…

Missing: Honesty -- the "Puck" problem

I can't be honest.   Not anymore...not since 2008, basically.  My honest, analytical opinion would hurt too many feelings and likely get me fired, or sued, or jailed.

Suffice it to say, there are things I'd like to get off my chest and express that I just can't.   That's hard, because my blog has always been the place where I did that, consequences be damned.  Well, these days, "consequences" includes four other people.

I've considered abandoning blogging entirely, in true "omit needless words" tradition, but I've resisted it thus far.  Dunno.