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2016 A Year in Review

It's been quite a year.  The previous twelve years I've written this blog, I've been based out of Georgetown, Kentucky, and I worked at Lexmark.   I've added many things in that time: A wife, a step-son, two daughters, and 2 houses.  Through it all, I remained in Georgetown and worked at Lexmark.  As I write this, both have changed.

Set your wayback machine for Jan 1, 2016 and let's see how I got here.

January 1st saw us in Indianapolis, Indiana, with the whole crew visiting the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  The museum was great, but in the back of my mind I had a feeling of change coming.  Lexmark had put itself up for sale in October 2015, and things within were highly uncertain.  Whenever I visited a new city, I constantly asked myself: "Could I live here?"  With regards to Indy, I said, "Yes" and kept it in my mind.

When I returned to work in January, a pall hung over things.  Management was more flinty than usual, and we sound found …