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Some things just make the day brighter

Fruit Loops are an uber-filling, puffed-sugar time bomb. I can eat bowl after bowl of 'Total', but what has me utterly full 3 hours later? Fruit Loops. Perhaps its the coffee I layerd atop it, but I'm not too hungry even going into lunchtime.

* * *

Ah, snuggling with my darling with this morning was awesome! :-)

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Just to show you how much poison is going on at work: A guy quit BEFORE they could reassign him to my team.

Quote of the year

Character is doing the right thing when nobody is watching.

-- Stu Brentzel

On why the Olympics is dead

Lindsey Jacobellis' fall

Yes, it was risky. Yes, it was youthful exhuberance. Yes, she fell within walking distance of the finish witha 140 foot lead on her nearest competitor.

But FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY, she didn't deserve the vitriolic montage on NBC's coverage after her fall. "Dewey defeats Truman"? It's a sport, and a new one at that! Sport is about competition, yes, but when it comes right down to it, it's about showing that you're better than someone at something, for your own glory.

In essence, sport *is* that showboating that Lindsey Jacobellis perpetrated, and for Bob Costas and his pasty-faced sportswriter crony to rake this gal over the coals for "One of the all-time biggest gaffes in sports" just confirms one thing: The Olympics are dead. They need to villanize a mistake to take advantage of the ratings coup for the girl who screwed-up.

We're watching the olympics for the same reason we watch NASCAR: The carna…

On "I never get to!"

Joey's new wheedling technique is "I NEVER get to ______"

"I never get to watch a movie anymore"
"I never get to go outside!"
"Why won't you play with never play with me anymore!" or the corollary, "My Daddy plays with me all the time."

* * *

Scene: Interior, our house. Harold sits int the kitchen eating breakfast, Joey's wrapped up in his blanket on the living room floor in the Anne Geddes position:

Joey (Rolls over): Harold, will you put on a movie for me?

Harold (looks up from cereal): No; I'll turn-on Dragon Tales if you like.

[Joey sits up on haunches, makes cry face]

Joey: I NEVER get to watch a movie!!!

Insert, we took him to the theatre to watch "Curious George" yesterday

[Joey buries head in hands once more and starts to whimper]

Harold: Are ya done?

[Joey whimpers louder]

Harold: Come on, louder! Joe, you're going to need to develop a new game, 'cuz this one doesn't work on me OR mommy. No…

Working through the Dave Ramsey plan

LinkPretty straightforward:Get a $1000 emergency fund saved up
Pay-off debts from smallest to largest (Debt snowball principle)
Save 3-6 months of expenses
Save for college
Pay-off house early
Build wealthHe has co-opted good ideas from others (the envelope system, etc.), but I like the focus on intensity. See more progress on: get out of debt

Bottom-of-the-barrel $$$

The Pup's down to $16,500 and that's about where I'm willing to go on the price. Hopefully, that'll get us some hits in the next month.

Other than that, I'm taking her to the slaughterhouse (i.e. Carmax). We have things we need to do with this money.

back to two cars...for now...

Whitney and I are back to having 2 cars, as the MINI hasn't sold yet and we got it dirty the other day during the snow we had.

Ran an ad in the Lex Herald-Leader last week and got no nibbles except from a fella wanting a good $500-$600 car. Uhh...

Looks like the resale on these is waning quickly, and we may have to look at dropping the price again.


So, on last night's Monday Night telecast we saw:

A boring 1st half
A broadcast team who phoned-in their performance
A sectegenarian rock band who phoned-in their performance
A network so scared of controversy it rejected any commercial hinting at sex (i.e. the good ones

Just on the football, we saw a game that Seattle lost more than Pittsburgh won. If they hadn't mismanaged the clock, Seattle could've easily had 14 more points. The Steelers weren't THAT stellar, especially with Big Ben was nervous in the 1st half.

I mean, it was really a crime...this was just like any other mediocre set of two teams on a midseason night of MNF. Fox and CBS do a much better job of this; hope that ratings and the associated fallout reflect it.