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It's a blimp, sir.

401(k) watch

As of today, down 30% YTD.

:: sigh ::

Great open letter by Orson Scott Card


If you do not tell the truth about the Democrats — including Barack Obama — and do so with the same energy you would use if the miscreants were Republicans — then you are not journalists by any standard.

Meeting Chaos -- 10,000 foot view

So, here I sit, amid a meeting with 14 people, trying to achieve a consensus on a topic with two sides...

...and no one here can make this decision. And no one will. What remains is for Daddy to berate the misbehaving children back into line.

Atop all that, there's 14 people talking OVER one another, emotionally.


Quickie: "Quid pro quo" is dumb

Quid Pro Quo

On the surface, it looks so innocent. "Something for something." Equality. Fairness. "I got my share." "S/He owes me that." "It's my due." "I know my rights."

Yes, friend: You can know your rights and your due right back into your cave, where no one will lament your passing into eternity. If every action you take is ticking off a chit on your list, it means nothing. If you love someone only enough to do up to your responsibility, you love them not at all. Love may not keep a record of wrongs, but it ought not keep a record of "rights," either.

I've learned that lesson over the past month--doing out of obligation, fear, or resentment is no love at all. Doing for others out of genuine consideration is a feeling of peace, contentment, and simple joy. Grasp that, and never let it go. Love, laugh, and serve.

That really has its own reward, if you can overcome pride and fear and just do it.

Weekend--moving bedrooms

No, for those of you scoring at home, this isn't about me moving out of the bedroom; this is about Whitney and I moving our bedroom upstairs.

Since I moved into the house in June of 2005, my bedroom's been in the suite, on the Northeast corner of the 1st floor. Yes...the dreaded (or desired!) first-floor master. Atop our story-and-a-half house are 3 bedrooms: One for Joey, the nursery for Maria, and what had previously been the playroom/guest bedroom.

So, this weekend, Whitney and I switched the playroom downstairs and moved all our bedroom furniture upstairs. Whitney is a MACHINE, people--we had the room painted in very little time, and she did the trim herself. It took us the better part of two days, but we have a much saner arrangement--sleeping quarters upstairs, living quarters downstairs. We're much closer to the kids, and we can sleep during the spring and early fall with the windows open upstairs and the fans on (allergies permitting).

It's not all roses so …

Review: Fireproof


My father-in-law surprised Whitney and I last night by offering to watch the kids while we went to the 6:30 showing of Fireproof in Lexington. Fireproof is another Christian-centered offering from Sherwood pictures, the same folks who made Facing the Giants.

In this film, Kirk Cameron stars as Caleb Holt, a fireman in Albany, Georgia with a darling house, a very attractive young wife, and aspirations of buying a boat. He seems to have the perfect life until you peel back the surface--underneath it all, he and his wife are virtual strangers, with enough resentment and hurt feelings to split apart Minneapolis and St. Paul. He's hurt (yet unsurprised) when she starts talking of a divorce.

Caleb is a model of self-sufficiency (and self-righteousness). As the film opens, we see his team of fireman carry a car with two trapped, screaming teeny-boppers off railroad tracks, avoiding an oncoming freight train. While his Christian best friend is shaken by the experience, thankfu…

Quote of the Day

Come on, Harriet!

Todd Crone, wishing I'd come out with the guys.

Thanks, DB. :-P

Some days, you just feel like this...


Zero fell into the same moat 15 years ago and stayed there for nine days.


Requiem: Now two cars at home

The Beamer that Vicki never got to drive is no more, sent on to its new owner Grady from Indianapolis.

Overall, it was a tremendous selling experience, with a detailed ad via craigslist (for free) and the buyer contacting me via email asking intelligent questions throughout the following week.

This has been on my heart for some time now; glad I finally manned-up and did it.

Maybe selling the BMW today...

I've got a guy driving in from Indianapolis this afternoon; perhaps this is the BMW's last day with me.

Part of me's not taking this so well...I got up nauseated and I was very cranky, right down to being very mean to Joey at the breakfast table. Which caused Whitney to get really mad at me (rightly so). I apologized to him on the way to school for it, but still...I'm just OFF today.

Exhausted, dull, punch-drunk really. . .I'm trying to snap out of it and heal all the crap I caused this morning, but so far nothing.