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My "Low" for Today

I understand this is meaningless to anyone besides me, but I just wanted to jot it down.
She said, "I don't know who it is, but it's not you.  It used to be, and I think it's sad that it's not anymore."
And you know what, she's right.  I agree with her.  Long about July 2011, I took a left turn and lost myself a bit.  Not quite sure what to do with that.

For Maria, A Moment of Presence

It was pouring outside, and my daughter was trying to convince me how much she hated a children's museum 4 hours' drive away.

"Cosi? You mean the museum in Columbus?"  I said between bites of Subway sandwich.  Oooh, with mayonnaise.  My youngest is allergic to eggs, so mayo was a delicacy.

"YEAH," she exploded.  I was thankful we were the only customers; Maria's like a combination of my passion and her mom's expressiveness.  In comparison, a nitromethane Funny Car mouses about.

"I mean, really, I hate the place.  There was this time..." Oh, here come the hands gesticulating... "...when mommy was behind the door in the dark room with the lasers and I couldn't get to her and..."

and then, my daughter, time stopped, and Daddy looked at you.  I mean, really looked.  Hack writers would say "drank you in."

There's a moment in Forrest Gump when Jenny shows Forrest his son for the first time, tells him that the little k…

Range Diaries: Trying to Adjust My Dominant Eye

Caution: This is an entry about things that go boom.  It's NSFW (well, at my work, anyway)

So, for my bi-weekly time to myself, I choose to go to The Gun Warehouse (a.k.a "Bud's Gun Shop") in Lexington and try out some techniques I saw here:

Bud's was busy (as typical of any Saturday), but I got on the range about 11:30am.  If you've never been in a busy gun shop, it's truly an experience:  Excitement, fear, bravado from customers and staunch professionalism from the staff.  Can't recommend the place enough.
First I did the two-in-the hole drill at 3 yards, and results weren't encouraging. [Excuses] I was wearing my glasses today after having pinkeye this past week.  I'm also trying to shift from using my right eye primarily (which I've used to shoot all my life) to going to my left eye, which is my dominant eye. I'm also trying to learn the isosceles stance,[/Excuses]
Anyway, I was basically unable to hit two in one hole at 3 yards, s…

Winter 2013-2014: I Hate You

Here in Kentucky, we root for hopeless causes:  Most incarnations of UK Football, the Broncos in Superbowl XVIII, and winter.

Winter? you ask.   Indeed!

Usually, Winter is a neutered season.  It's like a buffer between our long, dry falls and our all-too-short wet Springtime.  Summer's the top-dog.  Summer's on the beach, kicking sand in the face of nerdy Winter, breaking his glasses and shooting tequila like a Carrie Underwood song (underage, natch).   A "hard" winter here is one big snow of 3" and an average daytime high under 40.  "You know, I had to scrape my windows this morning!" we exclaim in disbelief.

Okay, well, it seems clear that Winter's had it, gotten some 'Roids, hit the gym, and come packing a Glock 10mm.  He's back, and he's bad.  At this point, I'm beginning to think he's homicidal.

As I sit here at 6:45am, my birch tree in the back yard genuflects onto my back deck, weighed down by a crapton of ice from las…