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Refutation: Go's Design is a Service to Experienced Developers

Reference:  Why Go’s design is a disservice to intelligent programmers

I honestly can't decide if this article is sarcastic praisefor #golang hitting every one of its design goals, because once you look past the ad-hominem crap, it's there:

"Similar to Go, the book is easy to read with good examples and clocking in at about 150 pages you can finish it in one sitting." Read: Go's easy to learn.  The documentation is excellent."I’ve always thought that the developers at Google are hand picked from the brightest and best on Earth. Surely they can handle something a little more complicated?" He misses the point entirely.  Those same devs choose to go away from the frills to get leaner and faster.  Code is a means to an end at Google, and they realize that it's going to be read by other developers many times more than it's written.  Simplicity and clarity surmount all else; Google's stultifying C++ style guide makes this apparent."There are n…