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The reality of the next car purchase

I haven't bought a car for myself since 2008, at which time I bought an eighteen year old car I never should have sold.

In the intervening ten years, I've had two cars, both welcome hand-me-downs from my wife:  The Camry-of-Doom and Sparky, my current 2010 Ford Fusion.
Having moved to Austin, paid-off my wife's Sienna minivan, and begun to sock-away some funds for a new ride, it seems time to consider what's next.
Idly checking, I noticed my Fusion's worth has nose-dived from around $9000 during the $4/gallon fuel days to roughly $2000.  There are other things: Some electrical gremlins are popping up.  The traction control system was inoperative for an entire day, then fixed itself.The tire pressure systems likewise seems to be dying.  Likely this is just dying batteries in the in-wheel sensors, but still.The Sync system seems more an more reluctant to work with my iPhone.  Every iPhone firmware update makes this worse, it seemsIt's not as safe as a newe…

Fathers: Never Give up. Never surrender.

I kid you not, this is like the Winston Churchill "never give up" speech for me.