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Podcasts: Ragequit some stuff this weekend

So, Buzz Out Loud ended this past week, which sucks considering I only discovered it last month when I started using Doggcatcher as my go-to podcast reader (I'm aware of the term 'podcatcher' and its symmetry with 'podcaster,'  I just think it's a terrible word.)

So, I had to go in and remove BoL from my subscription list.  While I was in there, I the following subscriptions for the following reasons:

Mintcast -- This is actually a really good Linux podcast; they do news around new Linux distros, the latest in the Gnome/Cinnamon schism from the Linux Mint team, and general sys-admin-y stuff.  Nothing wrong with the cast itself, other than it's middle age sys-admin guys talking about linuxLinux Outlaws -- This one hurt.  I've listened to Linux Outlaws for almost a year now--started right after I got my Atrix.  The issue I have is the main creative force behind the show--Fabian Scherchel--has moved on.  He's acting like he hasn't, but he's real…

Crappy Easter Weekend

I was sick all weekend (hayfever).  Hot/cold, freeze/pollen, dust/grass...thankfully, none of it's made it to my lungs.  Yet.
Grace was sick all weekend (Hand/Foot/Mouth).  Hasn't eaten normally since middle of last week.  
Nobody slept well.  
I didn't get to go to church, as I stayed home with Grace.
A bright spot was we had a new couple from our church over to the house to have Easter dinner, Tyler and Kayla Williams.  Really enjoyed their company, their sunny disposition.  Whitney and I are SO FILLED WITH HOPE. :-)

On Europe

"Why do you like Europe?"

In our house, we do lots of "apropos of nothing" discussion.  One minute, you're talking soccer, the next you're analyzing the selfishness of the Baby Boom generation.  Last night's verbal ejaculation came in the middle of another dull, overwrought Shonda Rhimes pilot, Scandal--or as I like to call it "Scrawny balloon-lipped gal who flounces through every scene."

Anywho...."What, you mean like to live there or to visit?" I replied.

"Yeah, why do you like it?"

"Because most of Western History happened there."


"Uh....Art, music, historic sights.  It's all there.  You can stand where Caesar stood, where Charlemage, Henry-the-eighth stood.  And there's all the old buildings from different eras."

"So, dead people and old buildings?"


Funniest Facebook Thread I've Ever Seen

I typically abhor facebook.  It's banal.  It's boring.  And, 20% of the world's population is on there, so--like a bad High School Reunion--you sorta have to be there too.

This thread I'm about to copy/pasta reshare single-handedly changed my perception of FB:

On cruise shuttle. Entering radio silence. I hope the world can survive without my exciting posts for a few days....

Okay okay, a little self-important, but hey, this is the Twitter/Facebook generation where every meal and waste elimination is comment worthy.  But the comment stream:
I can stand in for ___ if anyone is having withdrawl? "Well, rode the new bike for 48 miles, stopped to get some salmon steaks to grill for the fam... then I replaced all the tile in the downstairs bath because, hey, why not?... buffed out a scratch in the Porsche and rewired the sound system... changed all the door thresholds used to contain the dogs to a titanium blend that I smelted myself in my handyman garag…