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On the other side of moving. Exhausted.

So, we moved.

We sold our old house on the east side of Georgetown, KY and moved to a house on the west side. I'm currently so tired and overwrought I can't even remember if one capitalizes 'east' in a sentence.  I think you do, but capital letters just hurt my eyes right now.

We couldn't have done it without lots of help from folks at church, especially folks from our small group.  We got T's Chevy Colorado truck (2.8L 4-cylinder, AT for those scoring at home) for almost a week, and schlepped stuff to T's garage, B&D's basement, our storage building, my office at work, and a Mobile Attic.  Most of the stuff (at least the things not in the mobile attic, actually got moved *twice*.

The week before closing sale on Sardula was crazy.  Sunday, I chose to have another group member lead my small group at church as Whitney and I packed things into boxes.  I liked smaller boxes; she like the efficiency of larger boxes.  Monday I was at work, dealing with a …