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Today I Learned my Family has been in America since Jamestown

To Maria and Grace, my lovely daughters,

Today I learned your blood runs very deep in this country, and deep in Kentucky.  Here is your lineage:

Your father's full name is Harold Ray Combs, born in 1978 to Harold Gene and Dottie (Haddix) Combs.

Harold Gene was born in 1953 to Bryan and Cora (McIntosh) Combs.  (We tend to say the 'McIntosh' part of the line is where our crazy comes from, but I'm not so sure.)

Bryan was born in 1919 to Prince and Lizzie (Keene) Combs.  I remember him as a loving, kind man of good humor and many stories with supreme strength of body and character, taken well before his time at only 66.  Bryan's brother, James, served in Patton's army in World War 2, and still lives.

Prince was born in 1883 to Luther and Gemima (Thomas) Combs.

Luther was born in 1839 to Seburn and Margaret (Gross) Combs.  Luther Served in the Civil War when he was 23.

Seburn was born in 1820 to Benjamin and Martha J. (Brown) Combs.  Your Great-uncle Bryan "Se…

Lightbulb: Agile *has* no project managers

So, I broke down and took one of the online courses offered at my work on Project Management basics.  I kept hearing domain language from managers, former project managers, and true project managers from our other (non-software) function.  I wanted some info on their thoughts and methodology.

So, during that, I had a light-bulb moment:  Agile software has no project managers.

Seriously.  Back-up and read that sentence.  They don't exist, and if that gives you the heebie-jeebies, keep reading.  If you have agile and project managers, then you're doing it wrong, at least as nearly as I can tell.

Taken from my notes on the course, this is the role of the project manager.
Leader —> Clear understanding of direction & purpose, from customer or client perspective of its value.  You have a sense of ownership.Manager —> Administrative functions affecting time, budget, scope, and quality.Facilitator —> Help the team get its work done.  Create an environment conducive to wor…