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Notes from the 2010 Louisville Auto show

I'll get some pics up soon...just some thoughts from attending the 2010 Louisville Auto show
It's much better going with your 3 year old daughter than with your 1 year old daughter. Maria was my Awesome!The Ford display triumphed. They had position right in front of the entrance, and the cars were great. They (understandably) didn't have the 2011 5.0 Mustang GT on display--who would by the 2010 4.6? The new Taurus is incredible. Great styling. Sumptuous interior. I can't believe this platform began as the VW Passat-derivative Five Hundred. It's a completely different car just when America's ready to return to cars after gorging on SUV's for 20 years.That being said, the new Fiesta's too small. Unless they can make money on this car at $14k or less, forget it. People will buy the redesigned Focus instead.Toyota's display, right next to the entrance as well, was a ghost town. I felt sorry for these guys as the…