Bizarro Dream of the weekend....

So, Sunday, I decided to do something completely out of character--I took a nap.

My wife took one look at my cranky-pants self after church and said, "You need a Nap for Jesus."

Which is a polite way of saying, "Jesus, Harold...take a nap!"

Anyway, my bizarro dream went like this:

[Interior. Lab environment. Soft lighting, muted hum of machinery]

Serge: Hello, Harold. I'm Sergey Brin. This is Larry Page. You might know us...we founded Google.

Harold: Umm....Hi.

Serge: So, we've been studying this Twitter phenomenon for quite a few years now. What do you think of Twitter?

Harold: Oh, I like it.

Larry: Hmm...interesting.

[Harold notices he's reclined on a couch, his brain wired up to some sort of halo device]


Serge: Possibly. So, Harold, tell us how your mother laughs.

Harold: What? NO!

Serge: Nevermind...this one's uninteresting. Send him back to his bed.

[White light. Fade to black]

* * *

And, then I woke up. In my bed. :-)

Yeah, between too much House, and too much tech stuff...maybe I'm getting paranoid.


(Yes, I get the irony of writing this on blogger, an entity wholly controlled by Google)

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