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Time is a Pretty Pony, with a Wicked Heart

So, I made some rocks for my daughters' rock ceremony last night.

The left, JOY, is for Grace (all-caps intentional) and the right Perseverance is for Maria.  Then today, I got the "memory" of the rocks last year.

That was exactly 364 days ago (Understanding == Maria, Enthusiasm == Grace).  As cliche as it sounds, it really seems like yesterday.  I'm reminded of reading the Stephen King short story My Pretty Pony.  The summary seems apt:

The man also "gives instruction" on the nature of time: how when you grow up, it begins to move faster and faster, slipping away from you in great chunks if you don't hold tightly onto it. Time is a pretty pony, with a wicked heart. Another year.  I've hardly written, despite being a much changed man from a year ago.

Last summer was our last with Joey.  As I write this, he's to graduate on Saturday,  enlisted in the Army and moving with his father to Alabama before that.  I did enjoy having him with us durin…

Things I Really Wish I Knew about LOVE

Having just ended my second trip through The Five Love Languages by Dr. Chapman, there are things I really wish I could get through my thick skull.

Apropos: We just got through Valentine's Day and the occasion seems right.

1. Being "In Love"Ends I remember my friend Dannah my freshman year.  She was one of the strongest women I'd ever met.  She had the grit and determination of her military dad, a sharp wit, and a heart as big as Dayton, Ohio.  But there was one thing.

Dannah was terrified that her hometown beau, Tom, was going to "fall out of love with her."  They'd been in love for years, and with distance and experience, it seemed like that ooey-gooey feeling of "love" was going to stop. did.  The thing idiots like us didn't realize was: IT ALWAYS STOPS.

Chapman argues in his book that the "in love" feeling that consumes you and spackles over every bump in your relationship might last about 2 or so years on average. …