Instagram is Weird

So, I've left Twitter and Facebook.  I had a flirtation with Blind that I've also given-up.

Detox has been weird.  I was used to having a hardwired line into the pulse of the internet.  Between my 4 (!) twitter lists updating constantly and watching Tweetdeck incessantly, I was a straight-up information junkie.

So....what's the methadone for this heroin?


Thus far, Instagram has a much different personality than either Twitter or Facebook.

  • Twitter: Unvarnished snark, though blessedly brief.
  • Facebook: ALL THE DRAMA.  Political ranting.  Divorces in progress.  Passive Aggressive, Aggressive, Martyrs.   After a week off of it, looking at it is unbearable.
  • Google+: A nightmare that's the perfect example of why Google doesn't get human beings. At all.
Then, what about Instagram?  Basically, it's a trifling place, devoid of politics.  It's default-public (like Twitter), and people seem to share just moments from their lives (like Facebook).  It seems like there's a great hardcore photography community on there, so I'm enjoying that.

Their app thus far is sheer nonsense to me.  I don't "get" what Instagram Stories are and the algorithm for picking what to show me doesn't seem to make sense.

That being said, as methadone, it seems to be working.  It's not a place to get "lost" like Facebook or Twitter, but it's engrossing enough that I feel like I can (maybe) find a home there.

And hey.  Photos.  I like photos.


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