On Europe

"Why do you like Europe?"

In our house, we do lots of "apropos of nothing" discussion.  One minute, you're talking soccer, the next you're analyzing the selfishness of the Baby Boom generation.  Last night's verbal ejaculation came in the middle of another dull, overwrought Shonda Rhimes pilot, Scandal--or as I like to call it "Scrawny balloon-lipped gal who flounces through every scene."

Anywho...."What, you mean like to live there or to visit?" I replied.

"Yeah, why do you like it?"

"Because most of Western History happened there."


"Uh....Art, music, historic sights.  It's all there.  You can stand where Caesar stood, where Charlemage, Henry-the-eighth stood.  And there's all the old buildings from different eras."

"So, dead people and old buildings?"


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