Proof: Sometimes, you need a Salesman

Prove: Authoritarian Decision-making is myopic
Assume: You work in a engineering-centric corporation with attendant corporate hierarchy.

  1. Engineers believe no one is as intelligent as an engineer. (Dilbert's Razor)
  2. Engineers view non-quantifiable job skills as unimportant (Scientific Postulate)
  3. Engineers age and seek more salary, responsibility (That's life)
  4. Engineers become managers (by 3)
  5. Engineers often communicate poorly (self-evident)
  6. Persuasiveness is not quantifiable (self-evident)
  7. Charsima is not quantifiable (self-evident)
  8. Persuasiveness and Charisma are unimportant (by 2, 6, 7)
  9. New idea implementation requires persuasion (The "He who has the Gold makes the rules' axiom)
  10. Engineer managers must persuade to promote new ideas (by 4, 9)
  11. Engineer managers will be told 'No' (by 5, 10)
  12. There's no point in resubmitting the idea; all pertinent facts were included, by definition. We were told 'No' (by 2, 8, 11).
  13. Those in power will only see an idea once, no matter change in market conditions (by 12).
  14. Those in power will not be given a chance to change their mind (by 8, 13)
  15. THEREFORE: Authoritarian decision making in an engineering-centric corporation is myopic. (13,14). QED
* * *

Another way of putting it:
  • Salemen get told 'No,' and hear, "Wow, thanks for talking to me, please seek to change my mind at your earliest opportunity.  And, hey, nice polo shirt & cologne, sport!"
  • Engineers get told 'No,' and hear, "YOUR LOGIC WAS INSUFFICIENT TO CONVINCE ME.  YOU SUCK.  GO BACK TO YOUR CUBE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE."  (Okay, maybe that's just me.)

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