House is on the market!

So, my home sweet home is on the market.

It's been a long road getting here.  Whitney's been feeling the tug to get out of the house since before the housing crash (!), and she's been a steady force there throughout financial crises.

Anyway, so it's up.  We're supposed to be hosting a photographer Thursday, so it's been continuous clean/declutter/reclutter/clean/declutter since New Year's.  I'll give Whitney all the credit--she's got the place looking great, especially the paint, staging, and her attention to detail.

We're not after any specific place at the moment, though we have some stringent requirements.  Okay one: Must have a basement, preferably in our current area.  Given that our area is a huge limestone dome from the Orodivcian period, "basements" are few and far between.  Also, our water is hard enough to chew, but our bones (and those of our famous Kentucky Thoroughbreds) are stout from all that lime/calcium.

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