Quickie: "Quid pro quo" is dumb

Quid Pro Quo

On the surface, it looks so innocent. "Something for something." Equality. Fairness. "I got my share." "S/He owes me that." "It's my due." "I know my rights."

Yes, friend: You can know your rights and your due right back into your cave, where no one will lament your passing into eternity. If every action you take is ticking off a chit on your list, it means nothing. If you love someone only enough to do up to your responsibility, you love them not at all. Love may not keep a record of wrongs, but it ought not keep a record of "rights," either.

I've learned that lesson over the past month--doing out of obligation, fear, or resentment is no love at all. Doing for others out of genuine consideration is a feeling of peace, contentment, and simple joy. Grasp that, and never let it go. Love, laugh, and serve.

That really has its own reward, if you can overcome pride and fear and just do it.


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