Politics: And then there were Four. (okay, Four-ish)

Looks like we're down to Obama -v- Clinton, McCain -v- Romney. There are other players, but it's apparent that Huckabee can't play on the coasts, and Super Tuesday should seal that.

Probably the best phenomenon of this primary season hasn't been the campaigns or races themselves, it's been the "race to decide" among the media. I used to identify this as a Fox News only phenomenon (NEWS DAMNIT!), but it seems to spread to others. Thing is, the networks seek certainty--Who's the front runner? Who is soon to be out?

Last year, McCain was done because of financing problems and intra-office ego issues. Then it was Huckabee the reincarnation of Jimmy Carter, the aw-shucks guy from nowhere. Then it was Obama and Clinton was done. Then Mitt Romney was dead and buried. It's just frigging tiresome...it's just like those stupid meetings in the corporate world that have 20 minutes of material and 1 hr of time--people start making things up.

Yes, I'm sure because the intelligentsia among the media caucused and proclaimed it McCain-v-Obama (for today, at least), that the other 99.999% of America should follow suit. No, we're too stupid or uninformed or religious to form our own opinions. As part of that, this year the parties themselves have disenfranchised whole states (Michigan and Florida)...why should people even bother to vote?


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