Followup -- Religion and politics

Wow, if I just throw sex in there, we'll have all three taboo topics in one, n'est-ce pas?

Response to my post yesterday has been overwhelming (well, for me. I'm no Dawn). I think my wife put it best: "Jesus wouldn't have been [Republican or Democrat]. He was a-political."

Let me say this right up front--Christianity is tremendous. To me, it is Truth personified, the Creator of the universe reaching out to us as lovingly as He can, trying to reconcile the ultimate divide (sin) between Himself and us.

However, if I might put my historical and practical hat on for a moment, Christianity is an awful form of government. It presumes two principles: 1) Love God. 2) Love your neighbor as your self.

Governments (especially democracy) are set up with the opposite principles: 1) You love yourself. 2) You hate your neighbor and wish he'd go away, along with his dog that craps on your hydrangea. Or as I've put it at intervals before: Democracy operates on healthy self-interest.

To bring this home: What am I? I'm a Republican. Politically, I believe in controlling myself, my money, and my environment, and choosing the disposition thereof. I believe in small government, and that as my commenter Tabitha said, many "programs" are abused, because people ARE lazy, fraudulent, and deceitful.

But that's where it ends for me, because as a Christian, I'm a sinner, the same as everyone else. I screw-up every day. I have a hope in Jesus, and a way to live my life that I might glorify God and help others. I will not align that to one party or another.

Bless you all, and please be in the Word to find out for yourself. :-)

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