Jesus was a Democrat ???

Flash of insight I received during the sermon yesterday: Jesus was a Democrat (or, more appropriately, a 'Liberal'). More specifically, I don't see any way I could call Him a Republican or a Conservative.

This all spills out from our current sermon series on the book of Mark. Mark is (probably) the first gospel to be composed, and it was likely written by John Mark, a disciple of Simon Peter, the guy of whom Jesus said "Upon this Rock (literally Petra == Rock) I shall build my church". Mark is all business--this is what Jesus said, this is what it means. If something seems unclear or too Judean, he explains it in a parenthetical note. Mark's the Cliffs' Notes for Christ.

So, if I might oversimply my definitions:

  • Republican: Socially, fiscally conservative. Believing in small government, low taxes, and the rights of the individual. Likewise believes each individual is responsible for his own station in life. Believes in harsh punishment for criminals. Unequal wealth distribution is normal, even desirable

  • Democrat: Socially, fiscally liberal, believing in larger government programs to assist the needy, working class (and lower). Seeks to redistribute wealth from the top 1% towards those less fortunate, and provide opportunity for the disadvantaged.

The Republican attitude is: "I can do it on my own, stay the @#%( out of my way. If you're from bad circumstances, too bad. Get a job." That's a very inspiring (and very American) attitude. Thing is, from a spiritual perspective, that's UTTERLY BANKRUPT. We're ALL from bad circumstances (sin), and there's nothing we can DO in and of ourselves to overcome that. It's only by reliance on God and interdependence with and aid to our fellow man that we might attain salvation through Him.

Jesus reached out to the poor, the sinners, the crippled, the shunned. He despised people of high station who wouldn't stoop to aid a dying man.

* * *

Look, I'm not urging anyone to switch political parties. I just had a realization that maybe we're missing the bigger picture: Republican rhetoric always appeals to the Christian (esp. Evangelical) vote, but does the CORE of Republican belief line up with who Christ himself was?

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