It's a girl!!

About 18 weeks from now (...ish), I'll be the proud father of a baby girl. Found-out yesterday.

I'm still sort of in shock; I was honestly steeling myself for the prospect of having a boy. . .the demands of being a father, of moulding a young man, Boy Scouts, etc. Joey's a joy, and I was looking forard to having another.

Still, Maria shows every sign of being a vigorous Combs gal, hopefully in line of her cousins--brunette, brilliant eyes (hope she gets her Mom's eyes!)


  1. I still wish I were a man. Yes, this "vigorous Combs gal" hasn't stopped KICKING MOMMY IN THE BLADDER for a freakin weak, thank you very much. And in other news, stock in Kimberly-Clark went up recently as pregnant women everywhere empty grocery shelves of Depends.


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