2007 Mazdaspeed3

2007 Mazdaspeed3 - The Car Connection: "They could ship it over here available only in taupe paint and genuine rust and it would still be one of the most exhilarating cars Mazda has ever sold in the United States . In the history of sport compacts, this car is an immediate icon."

Looks like the Mini Cooper 'S' finally has some competition, though it's sorta like the Corvette -v- Porsche comparison: Interesting on paper, but few people will cross-shop both brands.

I sure would, though. :)


  1. Not to fuel the lust or anything but (depending on the interior size) I could def see me driving that....does it come in a 5 body instead of the 3?

  2. Nope...Mazda3 only. The Mazda5 is based off the same platform, but makes-do with the 2.3 Naturally-aspirated motor.

    This is the same engine that Mazda puts in the Mazdaspeed 6 and the atrocious CX-7 (or whatever the no-selling waste of sheetmetal is called)


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