On "I never get to!"

Joey's new wheedling technique is "I NEVER get to ______"

"I never get to watch a movie anymore"
"I never get to go outside!"
"Why won't you play with me...you never play with me anymore!" or the corollary, "My Daddy plays with me all the time."

* * *

Scene: Interior, our house. Harold sits int the kitchen eating breakfast, Joey's wrapped up in his blanket on the living room floor in the Anne Geddes position:

Joey (Rolls over): Harold, will you put on a movie for me?

Harold (looks up from cereal): No; I'll turn-on Dragon Tales if you like.

[Joey sits up on haunches, makes cry face]

Joey: I NEVER get to watch a movie!!!

Insert, we took him to the theatre to watch "Curious George" yesterday

[Joey buries head in hands once more and starts to whimper]

Harold: Are ya done?

[Joey whimpers louder]

Harold: Come on, louder! Joe, you're going to need to develop a new game, 'cuz this one doesn't work on me OR mommy. Now, I'll turn on PBS but that's it.

[Harold goes into living room, turns on tube and ensures the V-chip is set for 'child']

* * *

Yeah, harsh. Joey's a smart kid, and the only reason he'll persist with a behavior is if it works. I wanted to establish with him that I wouldn't play his game and try to 'reason with him' that, yes, we did indeed let him do stuff.

I was the same way (well, lots worse) as a child. I don't hold it against him; in a way, it's just like a chick in a nest chirping louder to get more of the food mommy brings back--it's natural. Still yet, this kind of behavior is maddening if left unchecked.

Googled on this today and came up with this advice:

Parenting Tip. Either refuse to argue, or assume the broken-record stance. I did the former today, but I'm looking forward to trying the latter. However, as Whitney advised me long ago, never involve yourself in a battle of wills with a child. They have plenty of time on their hands, and even beginning to play that game empowers them.

* * *

Thing about this whole thing is, I love Joey to death! I don't hold any of this against him, and it doesn't even make me angry. It's cool, in an odd kind of way. I'm his parent now. :-)

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