So, on last night's Monday Night telecast we saw:

  1. A boring 1st half

  2. A broadcast team who phoned-in their performance

  3. A sectegenarian rock band who phoned-in their performance

  4. A network so scared of controversy it rejected any commercial hinting at sex (i.e. the good ones

Just on the football, we saw a game that Seattle lost more than Pittsburgh won. If they hadn't mismanaged the clock, Seattle could've easily had 14 more points. The Steelers weren't THAT stellar, especially with Big Ben was nervous in the 1st half.

I mean, it was really a crime...this was just like any other mediocre set of two teams on a midseason night of MNF. Fox and CBS do a much better job of this; hope that ratings and the associated fallout reflect it.


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