Age 39 Catchphrases

The following come to mind for being 39 years old ( I turn 40 in November )

  • "Killing yourself, one M&M at a time." Bonus points if you sing this to a "Fugees" tune and your coworker thinks you're having a stroke.

  • "The Advil Years".  Significant things cause you to be sore the next day.  Like walking.

  • "Remember when _____ didn't hurt all the time?" did these things pass design review?

  • "Yep, that's me."  You not only recognize the face in the mirror, you come to accept him.

  • "Remember when we didn't yell?"  Deafness.  Yep, that's what it is. Suuuure.

  • (Before Noon) "Coffee fixes....everything." 

  • (After 6pm) "Wine fixes...everything else."

  • "Teenage me was so naive."  Well, he was.

  • "Twentysomething me was so egotistical."  Yep.

  • (Tech-specific) "Remember the first two times they invented this same thing?"  It grows tiresome to write the same logic in a different framework/language/whatever just because somebody thought Kotlin/Go/D/Whatever is the solution to all problems.
Yeah, I'm tired today.  I've earned it.


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