Macro-Tweet: I live in Texas, now?

Some things are too long for a tweet, to short for a short-form essay.  I like to think of them like "macro-tweets."   Some have taken to posting paragraphs or even whole positions on twitter in the form of:
And so on.  That's an abuse of the platform.  Longer-form should be somewhere else.

End preamble. 

* * *

So Maria and I have abandoned swimming for the moment.  I don't know why exactly, aside from we don't have an indoor pool membership and the outdoor pool we have is rather....variable...with regard to temperature.  I went to swim about 400m with an air temp of 48 degrees back in September, and part of my body just went:  "You're nucking futs, dude."

In lieu of that, Maria and I are walking every morning.  Typically a one-mile circuit right outside our front door.  In the back of my mind, I hope we'll graduate to jogging, but for now I'm simply enjoying the time with my daughter.

We talk about many things, some mundane, some profound.  It's a simple human pleasure to talk to your family in a idle, relational way.  Being present in a moment is a struggle for me.

So, on our morning walks I had one of those things I call a "snap-back" moment.  I define that as "Being wholly present in a moment with the benefit of perspective."  I've had a few of these in my life, usually preceded by, "Holy shit!"

  • Holy shit!  I'm in college!
  • Holy shit! I'm married!
  • Holy shit! I'm a dad!
Today's "Holy shit!" moment was, "Holy shit!  I live in Texas!"

It's been a year, well a bit more.  My old company putting itself up for sale....the announcement of a voluntary exit program...the snap decision to leave that'd been coming for 7 years...unemployment...self-imposed exile in my own house...flying all over the country to find a job...selling the house...leaving our son behind....moving.

It's all unreal somehow, like some sort of dream.  Any moment, I expect to wake-up and go back to work at the only real employer I'd ever had.

Holy shit.  I live in Texas.

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