(North) Austin Traffic

"Hey, this traffic isn't so bad!" I thought a month ago.  It was July and I was averaging 15-20 minutes to work down a 6 lane surface street with an effective 70mph speed limit (Yay, Texas?)

...then school started back.

That same street became one backup after another this morning, and it took me 30 minutes door-to-door, even though I live 9 miles away.   Between schools being back in session and UT classes restarting, something like 40,000 more Austinites are on the road each morning and afternoon.


It's not so bad, of course.  Between the EV mode on my Fusion Hybrid and the regenerative braking, I'm up past 32mpg even in that gridlock.  Not bad for for a now 7 year old paid-for car.

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