Reboot: Now in Austin

A letter to myself in July 2015 from July 2016:

Dear sir,

This is your future self speaking.  Don't question and go all 'Dr Who' on me, just listen.  

Your life is about to change.   You've worked at Lexmark for 16 years unofficially.  You're looking forward to that congratulatory "15 years of service" email you'll get on June 4th, 2016.  

You'll never see it.  Let me explain a bit what's going to transpire:
  1. The company will "explore strategic alternatives" beginning in October.  I still can't tell you much about what happens after that, legally.  
  2. You'll start getting signals it's time to go from above.
  3. The company will announce a voluntary exit program with 'N' weeks of pay and benefits.
  4. You will accept this offer on the last possible day you could, March 4th.
  5. You will exit the company on April 1st.
  6. You will have job offers locally, but you'll turn them down in favor of rolling the dice in Texas.
  7. You'll finally accept a job with Amazon in Austin, Texas.  By the way, Amazon has a development team in Austin, TX.
  8. You'll sell your house with it only 2 days on the market.
  9. You'll be technically out of work for 3 months.  Yes, you'll survive that somehow.
Future You.

* * *

So, yeah....down here in Austin.  So much to say, but I'm so woefully behind on blogging that it'll require some effort to catch up.  Work is great.  Our (rental) house is like a big apartment.  Austin is great so far.  Today begins my 3rd full week of work in Austin, 4th week at Amazon overall.  

Quite a change :)  


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