Chemical Reactions

Thus far on this little experiment, I've:

  • Overslept by 1 hour.
  • Completely lost track of time innumerable occasions.
  • Discovered an odd blurring & vibration in my vision.  Generally, it feels like I'm looking through a tunnel or a straw at the world.
  • Had insatiable cravings for caffeine and sugar.
  • Hyperfocused on assembly language programming and exercism.
  • Generally feel like I got hit by a truck--slow, plodding, etc.
On the bright side:
  • Mood is much better.
  • Sleep is much better.
  • Laughed more (that is, some!)
The next 2-6 weeks look to be rocky, but we'll see.  Some things have to change, and my brain chemistry's going to have to come along for the ride.


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