Aaaaaand, My Day is Shot (by Meetings)

I've come to understand my limits: 2 meetings.

Looking back on it, it's hard to comprehend a day where I had 7 1-hour meetings in a single day, because as it stands today, I've had 3 meetings and my mind is tapioca.  Actually, you might say I've had 4, but I'll get to that.

Running down the list:

  1. 10:30am Team standup.  Daily coordination face-to-face activities.  Absolutely essential.  Still counts against the quota!
  2. 2pm.  Steering committee meeting for something rather important.
  3. 3pm. Emergency coordination meeting because our team discerned we were blocked on all our upcoming work and needed to pull in some other work.
Now amid all that, was a sit-down I had around 11:15 with another developer on a point-of-interest.

Note the timing, too:
  • 10:30 --> Right in the middle of the morning.  
  • 2-3pm --> Right in the middle of the afternoon.
I remember fondly a team I was on where all meetings were before 10 or after 4, and the middle of the day was sacrosanct.

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