Spoilerific Liveblogging Dr. Who S8E1: "Deep Breath"


Dinosaurs in London.

Well, that was awkward.  Capaldi off to a poor start, but honestly, so was Tennant in "Christmas Invasion"

New Opening looks like the opening to Amazing Stories in 1985...

"People are apes.  MEN are monkeys."  Nice, Mdm Vastra

Clara dealing with the change.  Not well.  Metaphor for all relationships--people change.  Are we big enough to see through the veil?

Parallels: Doctor and the Dinosaur, "I am alone..."

Strax is a joy, per usual, "May I take your clothes?"

And...there's the cyborg

"He looked young, you might as well flirt with a mountain range."  Nice interlude to explain Peter Capaldi is...you know...old.

"My Time Machine was stuck in your throat...that's mostly how I meet girls."

"Planet of the pudding brains..."

Strax: "...and we will melt him with acid.  The Times shall I send it up?"  WHACK!

Ah, JLC in Victorian Garb.  Holds her own quite well against Strax's impromptu exam.

"I'm sure I've seen this face before."  Yeah, like in Pompeii?  This episode is....trippy...."Why this face?"


So, David Tennant couldn't be scottish, but Capaldi *can*...?

Jenni in a corset.  So, there's that.  "For the sake of Art."...And there's the gratiuitous nude torso.

"It's at times like this I miss Amy" (Yeah, she had legs that were 12 feet long, dude.)

I've seen this before...yes, on the Madame Pompador.  F-A-N-S-E-R-V-I-C-E.

"No point in them catching us both."  What...WHAT?!

"The Promised Land"

"And that includes Karaoke and mimes"

"Geronimo!!" F-A-N...oh, nevermind.

"I've got the horrible feeling I'm going to have to kill you."

Nice action climax there :-)

"Give him Hell, he'll always need it."


"Clara, I'm not your boyfriend."
"I never thought you were."
"I never said it was your mistake."  Bah zing.  So 11 *was* into her.

There's a woman out there, that's very keen we stay together.

"I'm sorry.  I'm so, so sorry."

MATT SMITH!!  It's his voice...He needs you.

"Goodbye Clara"

"You look @ me and you can't see me."  Okay, Moffat, you got me with that one.

"I don't think I'm a hugging person now."

"I'm missy.  I hope my boyfriend wasn't too mean to you."

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