"Ideal team size 5 to 10." (Still no cure for cancer)

You've gotta love social scientists.

In the ongoing quest to squeeze every ounce of productivity from the burnout-destined drone age 20-to-40, they're studying ways to measure collective intelligence.

Quotable quote:

Right now, the optimal size is probably somewhere between five and 10, but with the right collaboration tools, you could imagine having a group that kept getting more intelligent, up to 50, 100, or even 500 or 5,000 people. 


Okay, be proud: You've got your name on the company, and you're the centerpiece of this spiffy article.  What you're trying to do, though, it surmount human biology:  We can keep 7 +/- 2 ( that is, anywhere from 5 to 9) things in our active memory at any one time.  Whenever you go above that number, we forget.  Managing over that many relationships day-to-day simply creates overhead.

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