Rant: Why we can't get anything done #32767 --> Vacations

The unfortunate thing about working in a corporation is you have to 'tie out' with people.  This sounds awfully exciting, with visions of ropes, knots, maybe even a lasso or wrestling someone to the ground.

It's not that exciting.  No, what "tie out" really means is getting 2 or more people to agree to do something.  In general, that requires those people be physically or virtually in contact at the same time.

This is a list of common excuses for that not happening, broken down by month:

  • January: Sorry, I was on vacation skiing.
  • February: Sorry, I was at home trying to shovel my driveway.
  • March: Are you kidding? Spring Break
  • April: Out doing my taxes.  Text me.
  • May: Watching our (child, niece, grandchild, neighbors kid) graduate from (kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, high school, college, college (masters)).  I'm also taking off the whole week of Memorial Day and the Friday before.  Really need a break, ya know?
  • June: Family Vacation.  I'll be completely inaccessible for 2 weeks.  Pray for me.
  • July: Me vacation because I took the Family Vacation in June.  Also, duh, I won't be here on 4th of July week...are you *kidding*?
  • August:  Meh...I'm actually here in August
  • September: I'm making a week of Labor Day.
  • October: Kids are off school for Fall Break, which is apparently a thing.
  • November: Thanksgiving week!  Om-nom-nom!
  • December: Nobody's here from December 10th onwards except security.  See you next year.
In my experience the best times to "get something done" is from January to March 15th, then August to Mid November.   Midsummer and "The holidays" are toast.

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