My Wife on Gender Inequality in Computer Science

There's been much discussion lately on the web about the dismal # of women choosing Computer Science.  I thought I'd go straight to the source and ask, you know, a woman, who did not choose CS.

My wife.

Her theory on gender imbalance in CS.  (I had to transcribe as quickly as I could, and I'm not sure I quite caught the spirit of it all)

It's stupid.  You don't make anything tangible.  When I think of Computer Science, I think of greasy gamer nerds who want show off for their greasy gamer nerd friends.  
Why would I want to choose that, particularly when I know that when I go into it I'm going to be harangued by perverts who do nothing but sit on their butt all day?  Which makes your butt huge. 
 (Caveat: This is not what she thinks about the people I work with.  This is her general view on what a female surveying the field would see as a Freshman in college.)


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