One of Those Days...In a Funk.

I just want to delete my internet presence entirely.  Over 15 years since I groped around on usenet, I'm sick of it.  I'll get over it, and I won't do anything rash.

I've already shutdown my Facebook account, as of Jan 1st this year.

I'm currently the #3 contributor on our internal social network at work, but I'm tired of the inevitable running jokes that putting yourself out there entail.   Getting people to talk to one another and share ideas is incredibly difficult, and people seem to carry the same stress, ego, and polarization from their personal life into the work sphere.  Throw in some language barriers and hilarity ensues!

Twitter's making me sad these days; I don't know why.   It's alot of people talking AT one another, not real communication, but I stay because it's where people I like interacting with are.

Google+ is....a joke.

* * *

Recent events have convinced me of realities that most people sort out for themselves at around 12 years old:  (1) Shut up, and (2) Trust no one.  To wit: If I hear one more time that every move I make is being watched and that I have huge target square on my back, I think I'll scream.

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