1Q in, how's that New Year's Resolution going?

Most New Year's Resolutions fail.

If you doubt this, look at your waistline, your bank account, and the amount you spend on your particular vice(s).

So, how are mine going?

Status at the moment:

  1. Small Group leadership.  I've sucked at this one, at least in the short term.  I did ask my co-leader to take over, and he did a wonderful job.  I'm back at the helm through the end of this term, but I remain undeterred that I'm going to step out of small group leadership (and small groups) next fall.  Rating: Fail.
  2. Facebook.  I'm out, and I've stayed out.  The app is not on my phone, and I have no desire to go back.  Rating: Winning.
  3. Kindle Bible study.  This one was classic:  I did it like gangbusters for 2 weeks, then...uh.  Basically, I was on day 12 of my study in January,  then I loaded it this morning and I was on Day 12.  Rating: Fail.
  4. Writing code every day.  At this point, I'm writing code at least every week....Rating: Fail.
  5. Stop watching TV.  I have stopped watching TV, other than watching things with Whitney or the occasional UK game.  Rating: MEH
  6. Take walks every day.  FAIL
  7. Give gifts without expectations.  WIN.  I think this has actually been the most important change in my attitude.
  8. Sufficient clothes + take care of them.  FAIL.  And I'm fatter than I was last year, so even that meager amount I had don't fit.  EPIC Fail.
  9. Visiting Parents once per month.  Win.  I've visited with them each month through March.

Final Tally:
  • Win: 3
  • Meh: 1
  • Fail:  5

Visualization, a Harry's Rumination's classic:

Things are looking better: Longer days have lead to more activity, and I'm taking time each day for bible study.

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