Stomachaches, headaches, and stress

Just wanted to jot down a few notes so I'd remember this week:

  • Sunday I heard a great sermon at church, then took Maria and Grace down to see Mom & Dad.  We had a nice little visit, then drove back through 1 hour of solid downpour.  It didn't rain at all in Georgetown, though.
  • Monday I had a quasi-regular day at work and then spent 2.5 hours with my pastor thereafter.
  • Tuesday I had a somewhat regular day at work, though my "Driving Change" group--Dave Ellison and Patricia Ritchie--were back in town so we had some practice and preliminary work to do.
  • Wednesday was Driving Change, all day, and a webchat with Cebu from 7->7:30 am.  I was late showing up for the first presentation and was behind most of the day.  At lunchtime, we got to sit with our CEO Paul Rooke and my Division Vice President, Marty Canning, to discuss how to move change through Lexmark.
  • Thursday was the big presentation day.  I woke up nauseated and threw up twice...couldn't tell if it was nerves or if I was just sick.  (In general, I don't get nauseated by nerves)  I made it through my presentation, but felt progressively sicker as the day wore on.  
  • Friday I didn't really feel like going in--stomach hurt like hell and I couldn't stray too far from a bathroom.  I went in anyway, though, as I had a sizing for a future project due by 5:01pm.  I submitted it by 5:01pm.  A treat though: I got to hang with Gracie while Maria and Whitney went out to dinner and watched "Brave."  Also, the LXK stock managed to drop by ~20% yesterday, and Jim Cramer slapped us with a SELL SELL SELL on his charts, because we're "Just an awful business. Awful."  ::sigh::
It was a tough week and I'm still not fully recovered.  I beginning to wonder if all the stress of things I know and don't know is giving me some serious physical effects.

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