Two months into our new house, amid the Drought of 1988 (redux).

What's gone wrong:

  • Mold.  Pervasive mold on every floor, especially in the basement.  At the moment, my wife refuses to go down there for any length of time.
  • HVAC.  Turns out the mold on the top floor was caused by the 23-year-old HVAC unit that was listed as '7 years old' on the disclosure form.  In reality, the AC coil was leaking, and the drip pan was rusted out, so whenever it ran, it ran moisture down into the drywall in my girls' room.  New HVAC system installed upstairs, on credit. #facepalm
  • TV reception.  Despite my current efforts (the booster we had on our old house) the Jerry-rigged (asshole was named 'Jerry') coax from the attic VHF/UHF antenna won't pull in our local PBS affiliate after 8am.
  • Dishwasher leaks on the lower left front corner.
  • Plumbing fun: Slow drain in the downstairs bath, indifferent water pressure (cold or hot) in downstairs bath, leaky trap O-ring under the kitchen sink.
  • Our garage door spring snapped ~2 weeks in, cost ~$400 to fix.
Still yet, the house is utterly solid, and build to a "they don't build them like this anymore" level that has Whitney and myself thrilled.  The hardwood in the foyer, stairs, and Den is holding up great, and the garage has plenty of possibilities.

The neighbors have been friendly, and we haven't had any run-ins.  Before the Heat Wave took hold, most folks were out each night walking, riding bikes, and just generally being neighborly.

I'm still loving the house and the possibilities it presents, and the extra room for kids.  Also, Whitney's doing an awesome job with the 'library,' turning it into a place of respite we just didn't have at the old house.


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