Apropos of nothing: Why isn't there an electric car race series?

What do cars and electronics have in common?

Pornography improves the breed.  

More generally, both benefit from something that captures the imagination and drives obsessive behavior and improvements to the delivery medium.  For electronics, this was VHS, DVDs, HDtv, internet, streaming video, etc.  For cars, this was racing.

Where did most of the technology we use today come from?  Rear-view mirrors, synchromesh transmissions, fuel injection, electronic engine controls, high compression/high rpm operation, turbochargers, ABS, traction control, stability control, all derived from the singular, "Racing improves the breed."

So, where are the significant electric racing series?  To my understanding, there are none.  A 24 Hours of Daytona, contested by electric-only cars would be a supreme test of current technology. "I just ran out on the banking at 150 mph.  Crap, my batteries are totally depleted."  I guarantee you, regenerative braking would improve by orders of magnitude if Roger Penske was signing the checks.

Just a random thought.


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